Arch 642 SciTech and the Bathroom

An investigation into the history of the bathroom by architecture graduate students Ali Brunn and Sinisha Daljevic who were students in Professor Andrea Wheeler’s Graduate Technology course Arch 642 at Iowa State University’s Department of Architecture during the spring semester of 2016.

The Graduate Sci-Tech course takes place in the second year of the professional MArch program and it is a part of the final exam. The students were asked to pick from a selection of essay topics and present a video essay, a Powerpoint with a spoken text to accompany the Powerpoint, and to make a video of it as a presentation to the whole class.

The students had made a series of presentations throughout the class in their groups and this was an opportunity to record the work themselves. This video was one of the presentations from one of four groups. Wheeler was the instructor for most of the class (with some help from Tom Leslie and Eric Badding for some lectures).