Jelena Bogdanovic

By understanding architecture as agency and its capacity to act in the world both as a physical entity and activity in space, I examine a number of case studies that touch upon one or more of the following themes in the architectural history and theory: site-specific and historical investigations of architecture in Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean basin, including the Balkans and the Middle East; notions of sacred space (“spatial icons”); body, memory and cultural construction of space; rhetoric of architecture; type and archetype in architecture; canons in architecture and their adjustments; Byzantine-Modernist architectural paradigms; architectural heritage and its preservation; and themes on architectural profession. The segments of this topical research were published in several peer-reviewed articles and book chapters and developed in several book projects, including the books Political Landscapes of Capital Cities (University Press of Colorado, 2016) and On the Very Edge: Modernism and Modernity in Interwar Serbia (1914-1918) (Leuven University Press, 2014).