Lecture by Larry Booth

Larry Booth, FAIA
Partner, Booth Hansen
01 April 2015
Hoover 2055

Laurence Booth, FAIA, founded Booth Hansen in 1980. The work of the firm has never adhered to particular style or canon. Rather the firm is known for a discernible signature which has strong marks of innovation woven with sometimes subtle, and other times emphatic, notes of tradition. The architecture of Booth Hansen has changed and evolved, not from one style to another–rather with the graceful integration of technology and aesthetic identity. Every commission is “modern beyond style.” Each design is open to all possibilities, old and new, time-tested and innovative. Total Performance Architecture profiles an eclectic body of work born of freedom to create buildings remarkably well suited to their time, place and the people who inhabit them. Booth has been a visiting lecturer and critic at numerous universities and was elected to the College of Fellows of the American Institute of Architecture in 1980. Booth received a B.A. from Stanford and studied architecture at Harvard before receiving his B. Arch from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He later worked at the office of Stanley Tigerman and later joined the “Chicago Seven,” a diverse group of architects that held a series of influential exhibitions and symposia to encourage new approaches to architecture in Chicago.