Mikesch Muecke

One way of reading architecture as agency is to ask how architecture shuttles between theory and practice. In my (re)search I have tackled this question through multiple lenses and hands-on design-build projects. From my dissertation topic—where I link the theories of Gottfried Semper (1803-1879) with his built works while Semper lived and worked in Zurich, Switzerland—via design-build projects such as the renovation of a condominium in Gainesville, Florida, for a disabled retiree—where the spatial dimensions of the kitchen and bathroom required a projection from the possible to the constructed—to my investigations into the link between the theories of the theatrical and its staging in such hybrid venues as the collaboration between the Landerstheater Detmold and the Freichlichtmuseum in Detmold, Germany, or my more recent exploration of the critical dimension of Robert Altman’s 1975 movie Nashville, or even my current transformation of a 96-year-old residence into the Maison de la Musique, located in a hybrid business/residential zoning district in Ames, Iowa—where the hands-on work is always infused with a pro-jection, a literal throwing forth of thought that precedes and sometimes follows the making—I make room for the multiple voices that can be teased out of the wide range of topics related to architectural agency.