Panel on Pluralities, Publics, and Citizen Science

Pluralities, Publics, and Citizen Science

Through the interdisciplinary lens of various citizen science projects, panel participants will explore questions related to their experiences with multi-situational knowledge, multi-positional identity, and multi-dimensional power in community-engaged scholarship.

Moderated by Dr. Janet Hecsh,
Associate Dean of Faculty, California State University at Sacramento
Dr. Hecsh earned her Ph.D. in Sociocultural Studies of Education at the University of California, Davis, after nearly twenty years of service in public education in California.


Wald’s research explores the use of effective communication and collaboration techniques to facilitate public engagement in natural resource management.

  • Ulrike Passe and Dr. Linda Shenk

Associate Professor of Architecture & Associate Professor of English

Passe and Shenk collaborate in the recently funded ISU presidential initiative project on data-driven decision making for sustainable cities.

  • Drs. Katherine Richardson Bruna, Gale Seiler, and Lyric Bartholomay

Associate Professors in Education and Associate Professor of Pathobiological Sciences (UW-Madison)

Richardson Bruna, Seiler, and Bartholomay are the principal investigators on the Urban Ecosystem Project which aims to interrupt the reproduction of education and health  disparities in a low-income, urban context, and to support historically-excluded youth in their trajectories toward science.

Thursday, November 3
3:00-5:00 pm
Farm House Museum

Coffee and dessert from The Café provided.

Space limited to 25 people.  Please RSVP to

Sponsored by the Urban Ecosystem Project which is funded by the National Institutes of Health Science Education Partnership Award