What Is the Urban? Registers of a World Interior CEAH Symposium

Registration remains open for the CEAH Symposium: “What is the Urban? Registers of a World Interior,” which will take place Monday and Tuesday, April 4-5, in Benton Auditorium at the Scheman Center.

This symposium opens with a simple yet perplexing question: “What is the urban?” It brings together a range of internationally renowned scholars in an effort less to provide answers to this question than to frame a problem that has yet to be fully constituted. What language do we need to speak about the urban? What spaces and politics does it produce? Does the urban have a history of its own? An ontological specificity? Can we speak of the modern “rural”–the deterritorialized pastoral spaces of agrarian life, reterritorialized as machines of resource production and circulation–as in fact already urbanized? How does a site like Iowa allow us to understand and reimagine the ontological contours of the urban?

Above is a poster with the complete symposium schedule. More information is available at and you can register online at